The Backpackers Guide To Content Marketing


Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to potential customers through regular blog updates.

Blogs are a great resource that contribute to search engine optimisation. They enable business owners to share timely information with existing or potential customers and can also be a source of content for your Facebook and Twitter channels. Blogging gives your business a platform to comment on trends whilst promoting products and services, it is a place where the inner values of a brand can be demonstrated. Being the author of a blog can create customer confidence in the ability of your business and set you apart from the competition. Ultimately, it is cost effective marketing.

Social Analytics

Analytics are not just for websites, interpret data from social marketing and identify opportunities.

Each individual social platform that your business utilises will offer some kind of social analytics. This information is of limited use if you are unable to interpret it. Thunder Lab are able to help you understand your analytics and plan for future success.

Email Marketing

Use targeted email marketing to communicate with specific customer groups for maximum benefit.

The basic components of email marketing are managing lists, building campaigns and viewing reports. A campaign will start with a subscribers list, sign up forms can be embedded into websites and posted on social media. It is imperative that email marketeers comply to spam regulations and provide unsubscribe links. To be effective in your email marketing, your subscribe list should be segmented into interest groups. Thunder Lab can assist with managing subscriber lists and creating responsive designs that work on mobiles, tablets and PCs. Once a campaign has been sent you should not overlook your data, this will give you insight into which parts of your campaign your customers engaged with. This gives you the ability to target future campaigns to the needs of your audience.