Graphic Design That Goes Beyond Web Applications

We specialise in graphic design and use it to create stunning websites. A comprehensive brand is central to making your website look great, so you will be relieved to know that we also create great brands and logos.

We want to work with forward thinking businesses, the brands we produce are focused on delivering what your clients and investors need; loyalty, character, values and most of all outcomes. Our team produce innovative concepts that are aimed at redefining the journey of our customers, the brand can sit into existing marketing strategies or we can redefine these to help focus your brand further.

Branding & Logo Design

What is branding?

Branding represents how customers view your products and services, a strong brand can add value. A brand is about much more than a logo.

Brands are about navigating through the marketplace. They are about the name, the design, the style, the words and symbols that consumers use to identify and distinguish a product from a competitors product. They enable consumers to spot the right products and make efficient choices without being overwhelmed by excessive communication. The ability to grab, express, stimulate, push, provoke… these words describe how the innovative use of design can drive your corporate identity. The presence of a brand enables continuity across the various channels that can be used to communicate with potential customers. The presence of a brand is an imperative tool to create recognition and customer loyalty with the competitive marketplace.

Brand development

Do you already own a brand? Does it communicate the core values of your business to your customers? Are your customers loyal to your brand?

Code My Planet works with businesses who want to build brands from scratch and businesses who want to build upon their existing brands. In today’s competitive market brands are everywhere, they have the power to distinguish similar products from one another. Upon hearing the name of your business, a potential customer will associate imagery with your brand. This imagery has the power to influence buying habits. Building a carefully considered brand puts you as the business owner in control of how your brand is perceived. Code My Planet is all about ensuring that the brand you have is the brand you want. Brand marks should be able to convey the personality of the business at a quick glance. A worthy logo should be able to be displayed as both full colour and monotone versions. It should also be legible when used in a variety of formats, whether that be when printed at the top of a letter-head or as large format exhibition graphics.

Brand reputation

Do you know what your customers and competitors are saying about you? How can you protect the integrity of your brand?

Reputation management is about monitoring what is being said about your business on the internet. How others perceive your brand may be very different to the core values you are trying to communicate with your audience. If your business is proactive in listening to what is being said you have already taken a step in the right direction. The next stage is to create a strategy that will promote your brand in a positive light and combat any negative content.

Be Memorable.

Make your business shine.

Code My Planet creates brands that capture attention, inspire, and communicate so that you can showcase all those things you do so well.

SVG Vector Graphics

Why should my site feature SVG graphics?

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. SVG is the recommended image type for web graphics due to small file sizes and adaptability. Images with large file sizes can dramatically affect page load time. Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? While image size is just one of many factors that contribute to page load times, keeping them as low as possible is important. SVG graphics will also look just as good on a large high-definition screen as they will on mobile devices.

So what are SVG graphics?

SVG is a type of vector image recognised by web browsers. Vector images are created using the coordinates of anchors and paths, they produce smooth lines and curves and do not lose quality when zoomed in or resized. In contrast, bitmap images are made up of pixels that produce jagged edges, these are visible when zoomed in. Have you ever seen a photograph that has been enlarged to an extent that the image quality just doesn't look right?

Imagine a simple graphic of a red square on a white background that filling the whole of your computer screen. A bitmap version of this image would have to store information relating to every single pixel, that's quite a lot of information to recall even for a relatively small screen size of say 1280 x 720 pixels. The SVG version stores information of the four coordinates, the four paths that link the coordinates and the two colours. While complex SVG graphics may have larger file sizes than JPEG images, in most instances using SVG will produce a smaller file size.

Advantages of SVG

  • Small file sizes.
  • No loss of quality when zoomed in or resized.
  • Text within SVG images can be searched for and indexed by search engines.
  • Can be animated, scripted and compressed.
  • Written in XML format.
  • Integrates with other W3C standards such as DOM and XSL.

Do all web browsers support SVG?

While SVG is supported by the major browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 onwards, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera; it is not supported by IE8 and Android 2.3. This accounts for approximately 5% of web users. We implement a variety SVG fallbacks to ensure that our websites are accessible to all web users. A fallback technique could be the use of a PNG image that represents the same graphic, just with a larger file size and poorer resolution.