Ten Reasons Why Lymm Should Win Britain’s Village Of The Year

Penelope Keith and Channel 4 are scouring Britain to find the village of the year and Lymm is competing. There is £10,000 worth of prize money up for grabs to be used for a community project, therefore a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. Code My Planet is a local business, consequently, we know all too well why Lymm is such a great place to live, do business and to spend recreational time. Here are our top ten reasons of why Lymm is worthy of being crowned Britain’s Village of the Year.

#1 The Rustic Rural Charm

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Rustic Rural Charm

There's no denying that Lymm is simply stunning.

The village of the year should be aesthetically pleasing. Lymm village is a designated conservation area and is set on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal. It combines natural beauty with historic landmarks and buildings, most noteworthy of which, the cross. The cross stands proud in the centre of the village as a grade 1 listed building dating back to the middle 17th century. Many tourists visit Lymm to walk the Heritage Trail; a 3½ mile walk including Lymm Dam, Slitten Gorge, the Bridgewater Canal and the Trans Pennine Trail.

#2 The Village Centre Is Still Functional

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Functionality

There is a real opportunity to live and work locally.

The village of the year should be functional for business. Many villages have seen properties that once housed prosperous businesses converted into housing, yet the centre of Lymm remains a vibrant hub of activity. There is a variety of shops and amenities on offer including the bank, butchers, bakery, village hall, youth club and library. Churches are attended regularly. Lymm is also home to many tertiary businesses and hosts regular business networking meetings.

#3 Lymm Dam And The Reservoir

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's The Reservoir

A great place for a day out, a run, fishing or walking the dog.

The village of the year should not just be a great place to live, it should also be a destination for tourists. Lymm Dam is incredibly popular with tourists and has won a Green Flag Award. It is a well managed green space complete with biodiversity, heritage and woodland walks. There are plenty of picnic tables along the way and it is buggy accessible. Those who love wildlife should look out for squirrels and bats. It is considered one of the best spots in the region for angling.

#4 The Vibrant Pub Culture

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Pub Culture

A great choice of popular pubs and restaurants.

The village of the year should have a range of places to go for evening entertainment. Lymm has not one, but several thriving pubs and several thriving restaurants. Italian, Turkish, French, Mediteranian, Tapas and traditional English cuisine are all available options. The Brewery Tap sells a variety of real ale and is situated in the same building as it's very own micro brewery. The Golden Fleece is a great gastro pub or if you fancy something a little more lively try The Venue for a cocktail and some live music. The pubs go the extra mile to host a variety of themed evenings and also act as focal points for Lymm's many clubs and societies to meet.

#5 Community Spirit Is Alive

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Community Spirit

Annual festivals draw crowds from far and wide.

The village of the year should be have a strong community. The streets of Lymm are packed every year with people joining in the festive cheer of the Christmas Eve Carol Concert. The village hosts a number of other popular events including the Lymm May Queen Festival, the Duck Race, Lymm Festival, Dickensian Day and Historic Transport Day.

The many societies and organisations play a role in the strong sense of community from Lymm Runners, The Round Table, The Ladies Circle, to NCT Bumps and Babies, The Photographic Society and The Women's Institute. There really is something for everybody.

#6 The Bridgewater Canal Runs Through The Centre

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For The Bridgewater Canal

Lymm is a stopping point for canal boats.

The village of the year should be attractive to passers by. It is impossible to walk along the towpath into Lymm without walking past a host of canal boats and cabin cruisers. They add much welcome character with their cheerful paintwork and the folk who reside onboard. Boats can be moored in the heart of the village. It's a great opportunity to head into the village for a stroll, go for a walk in the surrounding countryside or explore the nightlife. There are a number of companies who offer boat hire facilities along the Bridgewater Canal for overnight and day trips.

#7 A Pleasant Atmosphere With Low Crime Rates

Crime rates in Lymm are much lower than regional and national averages.

The village of the year should be a safe and peaceful place to live. It goes without saying that an area with low crime is an attractive prospect when buying a property. The streets of Lymm feel freindly, warm and inviting and not in the least bit intimidating.

#8 Outstanding Local Schools

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Outstanding Schools

Many local schools are graded good or outstanding by Ofsted.

The village of the year should be an attractive place for families to live. Another important consideration for many when buying a propety is will my child get a good standard of education here? Lymm High School is top of Warrington's leauge table with 77% of students attaining C or above in English and Maths. Lymm's Cherry Tree primary also features as one of Warrington's best performing primary schools.

#9 The Trans Pennine Trail

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For It's Outdoor Recreational Spaces

Yet another outdoor recreational space.

The village of the year should have areas of natural beauty that are free for all to enjoy. The Trans Pennine Trail links the east and west coast of northern England and also happens to run through Lymm. It is popular with walkers, cyclists and runners whilst housing a significant amount wildlife.

#10 An Accesible Rural Retreat

Lymm: Britain’s Village Of The Year For Being Connected

The M56 and M6 are both within 3 miles while the M62 can be joined just a couple of junctions northbound.

The village of the year should be well connected and easily accessible. Lymm is situated within close proximity of Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester. The surrounding road network is great for both commuters and incoming trade, making it a desirable place to live. The established road network allows for traffic to be diverted around the village which enables Lymm to remain functional while unspoiled by infrastructure.

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10 comments on “Ten Reasons Why Lymm Should Win Britain’s Village Of The Year

  • Absolutely stunning village and am sure any prize money would be a welcome addition the the new Lymm Heritage building!

  • I think that Lymm may Queen should have been mentioned since it was established in 1889! Surely that is the number one event that shows the community spirit. It’s a shame that yet again the May Queen hasn’t been mentioned!!!

    • That is an excellent point Jean, we have amended the article to give it a mention! This year’s event will be on Saturday 10th June 2017 with the grand procession starting at 1pm at Statham Avenue. The festival organisers are currently looking for people of all ages to volunteer, run a stall or be in the procession. If you are able to offer your support click here for the Lymm May Queen Festival website for further details.

  • Lymm is beautiful. It is also a very friendly community which welcomes newcomers. There is a very vibrant range of activities throughout the year the newest initiative being the Heritage Centre. I’m so lucky to have moved here last July.

  • Totally agree that Lymm is a great place to live-have lived here for 31 years after buying our first house our children have grown up here and been educated. I wouldnt want to live anywhere else.

  • I travel from Rainhill to attend as many of these events as I can with my Family who live in Lymm. A beautiful village .

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